We are committed to produce good quality <br>products for health conscious.

We are committed to produce good quality
products for health conscious.

About us

Kingcoffee Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 by two foundation are Supana Dachodomphanand her younger brother Dhaninrat Dachoumphan who has experiences and expertise in food and beverages including coffee and tea for more than 10 years with a commitment to people around the world or to those people who like the taste of coffee, tea, cocoa and ginger juice flavors to enjoy the delicious taste with invaluable natural extracts. Bring the mixture to drink them even more valuable with both for health and beauty that make such extracts from Collagen, White Kidney Bean Extract Extracts of fish Pine bark extract Cactus extract extracts of fish, Extract of Garcinia Pomegranate, Extract Grape seed extract and Coenzyme Q10 and etc. Under the slogan “Kingcoffee our valued more than coffee”


King Coffee Co. Ltd is OEM factory produces coffee, tea and healthy produce ready beverages to drink, such as cocoa and coffee, ginger etc. King coffee welcomed the consultation and concentrate in every step in the development of their products to be the best including consulting, marketing, branding, customer awareness and increase creativity and help each featured product or each brand I can open the market both at home and abroad easier with quality of ingredients from sources that are reliable and safe for consumers from all over the world at the best value through friendly service in order to maintain and build a sustainable business partners.


We are dedicated and attention to every details and all stages of working process such as raw materials selection, recruiting sources, experimental research and develop new products. We also submit an official record of the request of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Application for Halal Planning and control quality and production standards as well as to deliver the product as they deal with customers. Because of the success of our customers is our challenge.

Policies and Philosophy

The company has a clear policy and commitment to work in both the machines and the technology used. Including a focus on personal development in order to achieve these goals is to maximize the benefits of trade partners and consumers.

Better Control
The company has good control as well as raw materials control by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until the process of production control. To make the best production according to strictly of Good Manufacturing Practiced (GMP) standards, it can guarantee that the products are the best.
Good Operation
under stringent quality control standards and materials analysis and finished products
Test the company’s products,
Audited regularly by the research and development both in Thailand and abroad.
Better producing
All the products of the Company under the production of GMP standard.

We are work in philosophy because customers are key partners and consumers, we are special needs care.

” We are committed to creating quality products ,
in order to supply the health conscious to ore consumers in the world.”

Our Partners

King Pharma & Nutrients co., ltd

we are an OEM food supplement. We are the OEM factory to produce Health Food and Beauty
Drink Supplement, capsule blister, packing panels, bottling, and packaging envelope such as Alu-
minum foil. The manufacture of food supplements under the brands of our clients. The research
and development are under our expertise and forefront of Thailand. To meet the needs of con-
sumers who care about quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

“Valuable supplement Enhances the power of success”

Products & Services

King Coffee Co. We are OEM factory to produce healthy coffee and mineral or vitamin supplements for weight loss. Coffee for the youthful skin, Coffee to the tight fit, brain and nerves. and coffee for eyesight Skin Care and Nail coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. We OEM for health, the production of juices flavored with values in various flavors, extracts, such as Thomas Transfer the extract of pomegranate seed extract collagen blewka, Extracts of fish and vitamins etc. We have got the certificated of GMP and Halal. Production free from contaminants or prohibited substances harmful to the consumer. Thread, the onion flavor delicious distinctive than anyone until now, consumers there are so many people referred to us that…

“ King Coffee valued at more than coffee “


Our Customers

With the production standards combined with machine technology through clean production and free of contaminants and formulated with ingredients that have perfect proportion with good quality so the taste is pleasant aromatic taste of coffee alcoholic.


There is also other healthy drink products have been steadily increasing in popularity, such as ginger, pomegranate juice, etc. Because consumers pay more attention to health more and more every year.


King Coffee to focus on value for money, Reasonable Price , loyalty Justice Partners and friendly service as well as offering new products unceasingly. Partners to offer the best to the consumers. It’s no wonder why King Coffee is a leading partner to the trust hired to produce for more than 300 brands both domestic and international market and this is part of our trusted partners.

Our Factory

Our Office and factory is located at 4/38 Rama 2 Soi 30 (Section 3), Jomthong Bangkok 10150 and our factory has passed the rules and procedures in the production of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to provide members worldwide use as a guide to practice, Safety of consumers by GMP is the basic criteria needed to produce and control in order to comply with the manufacturers and can produce food safely we applied the most important 6 areas are following
1. Hygiene of location and production building.
2. Machine tools and equipment used in production.
3. Process control.
4. Sanitation.
5. Maintenance and cleaning.
6. Personnel.

Quality Control

The heart of the plant is Kingcoffee laboratory or a laboratory is our laboratory has been standardized and plant foods are a leading company with a reputation for reliability in production with reliable quality and value. We care for and observe the highest standards of quality and hygiene, mainly through the process of checking out an advanced laboratory.

Machine & Technology

Kingcoffee Co. Ltd has introduced the technology of food production globally. Recipes to produce a consistently high quality and use high quality of raw reliable materials sources from around the world. and produced by new technology or even management process and formula production will be critical and as a source of quality products by King Coffee with modern machinery. We have the potential to produce over 800,000 pieces per day and our goods and services were trusted by companies and institutions both domestics and abroad. As production base to the domestic market and export.

News & FAQs

Questions we are frequently found as follows:


What are the Kingcoffee products?

We are OEM factory which producing instant coffee Powder and instant coffee to brew soluble coffee to the white radiance of youthful skin antioxidants. Coffee for Weight Loss ,Coffee to nourish the brain and nervous check that nourish the blood and heart, Coffee for Skin and Nails, To assist in the excretion of coffee Coffee, supplements , vitamins such as vitamin C , B , D, E …. Coffee we are produced according to the customer requirements. We are also produces healthy coffee for women and men, healthy drinks such as cocoa powder and instant coffee dissolved ginger juice extract various minerals, as well as health and brain glutathione blewka extract of cactus, Extracts of sunflower Extracts of pomegranate seeds and extracts of marine fish including vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and B12, etc.


How many of a minimum order?

The minimum order will be depended on the size of the envelope containing which the client wants to use an aluminum foil envelope size, and customers need to roll the foil so the foil envelope to produce each roll, the production of coffee sachet will be different up on number of packets that have it as well. Customers may need to consult with us before about packaging of coffee before running the production process. Cost of the packaging and container carton will be responsible by the owner of the brand.


Did Kingcoffee produce products that pass the registration from Thai FDA?

Yes we did, all of Goods produced by Kingcoffee production have passed the approval by Thai FDA, as required.


Does Kingcoffee offer to services to submit registration to Thai FDA?

Yes, We do.


Has Kingcoffee Factory got the GMP certificated?

Yes, we have. Our Factory has got the certified of Good Manufacturing Practice abbreviated as GMP is a good practice in food production.


Does Kingcoffee offer for applying halal certificated?

Yes, we do. We have applied for the halal food, Halal Food Standards Institute, Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. The food is certified halal that is produced according to the principles of Islam that Muslims can be consumed. The fee for filing fees of the product and the brand owner is responsible.


Does Kingcoffee produce the packaging for coffee?

No, we do not produce that. Boxes or the container of coffee are made of paper for coffee packaging the client must be prepared by themselves and send to Kingcoffee. But we will suggest and advise that a box containing what it should be in order to comply with the law. An expense relating to the design of the product label of packaging the brand owner is responsible.


Can Kingcoffee issue the documents or papers or documents for export?

Yes, we can do. Kingcoffee can issue all documents or the papers in order to support the brand owner to be exported according to the export request by the importing country requirements.


Have Kingcoffee keep the secrets regarding formulation of the clients, information of the customers?

Yes, we have. We keep the information as a confidential even information and customer’s formula. and also we do not produce the products under customer’s brand to sell to others customers.


Kingcoffee Co., Ltd.

No. 2 Rama 2 Soi 30 (Section 3) Jomthong Bangkok, Thailand, 10150

Phone : +66 (02) 450-0211 Fax : +66 (02) 450-0214
Email : kingcoffee01@gmail.com amisa.r@kingcoffee.co.th

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